World of Warcraft Classic will finally be going live for the audience in this summer. And this will be a walk down the memory lane for all the hardcore fans out there. Omar Gonzalez and Brian Birmingham have confirmed that they will bring back the same gameplay that existed a decade ago.

World of Warcraft Classic summer

This implies that World of Warcraft Classic players will come across the old fashioned interface of the video game. And getting a group to play together will also become a task. Well, this maybe be a drawback for hardcore video gamers.

Technology has come a long way in providing these players smoother gameplays and easier multiplayer co-ordination. But, the developers are going to stick to it as they feel this is the principal strength of the game.

What is the future of World of Warcraft Classic?

The future plans for the developers of World of Warcraft Classic has not been announced yet. Apparently, Blizzard is going to monitor the community response for the game and take actions according to their findings. If it gets the desired response from the public, there might be a re-release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

The Burning Crusade might also release again, considering it was the first expansion of World of Warcraft. But, obviously, now everything depends on how the game will fair among the public.

What are the gamers’ reactions?

There are people who have raised the issue that the missions and tasks might be too easy to complete. But, a Reddit user named tresure33333 has assured that this won’t be a problem.

The gamer has noted that while top gamers might be able to complete a mission quite easily, average players might achieve the same results. The main mission would be to actually coordinate 40 people together.

The complications further arise when their skills have to be timed perfectly.

World of Warcraft Classic

But, whatever be the scenario, World of Warcraft Classic is returning for us and people are going to go through major nostalgia.