WWE WrestleMania is approaching, and there have been many web reports circulating about Vince McMahon’s possible return to the creative staff of WWE.

However, as per a recent story by Fightful Select, McMahon is no longer the head of creative. Nonetheless, both WWE and Vince are mindful of this change’s potential impact on the roster. The rumors suggesting that WWE is for sale have subdued the past few weeks.

It has been reported that WWE performers have been able to benefit from greater creative freedom under the leadership of Triple H, allowing them to showcase the persona and gimmicks they wish to portray on television. This also has translated to better programming in the past few months. Fans have found the storylines to be more engaging.

Is Vince McMahon back as WWE’s Head of Creative?

WWE News || Vince is worried about the morale backstage if this rumor goes public.
On 22 July 2022, Vince McMahon officially announced his retirement from WWE. | ©WWE

The lack of rematches since August last year has raised suspicions about Mr. McMahon’s involvement in creative decision-making. Furthermore, the fact that Hunter’s team is featuring certain abilities that McMahon reportedly disapproved of on television is an obvious indication that the 77-year-old has not returned to his previous position.

However, there have been reports or “red flags” suggesting Vince could have returned to his creative role. Wrestlers had suggested that there have been many rewrites just prior to the show, which used to occur regularly when Vince was running the show. There have been no reports of Vince directly interfering in the process.

Vince and WWE are well aware that if McMahon publicly joins the creative department, it could deal a significant blow to morale backstage. There have been numerous times when Vince has ‘torn’ the script right before the show. When he was at the helm, shows were heavily scripted. In recent months, the shows have been reported to be less scripted.

Is there any truth to the reports of Vince McMahon’s office signs being spotted at recent WWE tapings?

Vince is scared of this rumor going public
Reports suggest Triple H has big plans for RAW after mania. | ©WWE

The signs pointing toward Vince McMahon’s potential return as the lead booker have caused concerns among several WWE Superstars.

Reports of unrest backstage have been attributed to sightings of a “Vince’s office” sign during several tapings months after his retirement. However, sources have revealed that the sign includes directions to various backstage locations that have not been updated since Vince resigned from the company in July of last year.

Fans, experts, ex-wrestlers, and WWE superstars have taken a positive view of the fact that Triple H is still leading the creative department as we approach another two-night WrestleMania, which suggests that he has taken over from Vince McMahon in this regard. Hunter also has big plans for RAW after mania – with many debuts and returns rumored to appear throughout this Wrestlemania weekend.