Yellowstone” is officially approaching its end. Following months of rumors and reports, Paramount Network has finally issued an official statement regarding the show’s future.

Paramount Network says that the show starring Kevin Costner will return in November for the second half of its fifth and final season. The last episode of the show will air in December.

The show will be replaced right away by a new Yellowstone-based series that is a sequel and comes from the creator of the franchise, Taylor Sheridan.

Many people believe that the new show will feature Matthew McConaughey and a lot of the current “Yellowstone” supporting cast. Still, Paramount Network hasn’t said anything else regarding the sequel besides that “the Dutton story continues” and the new series “picks up where Yellowstone ends.”


The release from Paramount doesn’t talk about how the WGA strike, which is expected to last for months, could affect the planned rollout.

The president and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios, Chris McCarthy, said in a statement:

Yellowstone has been the cornerstone on which we have launched an entire universe of global hits – from “1883” to “Tulsa King” – and I am confident our Yellowstone sequel will be another big hit, thanks to the brilliant creative mind of Taylor Sheridan and our incredible casts who bring these shows to life.

Last year, no one would have thought that “Yellowstone” would come to an end. By ending now, the new sequel series won’t be bound by old contracts, so it will be on Paramount+ instead of Peacock when it comes to streaming.

The news comes after Vanity Fair did a long piece on Sheridan’s new series, “Special Ops: Lioness,” which stars Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman. The show is set to premiere later this year.