Jake Paul is one of the most popular YouTubers who turned into a boxer. Paul has a record of 6-1, and he has won fights against well-known fighters like Andreson Silva and Tyron Woodley. But he is known for what he does outside of the ring and not in it. Recently, people have been talking a lot about how he dates. Even though his relationship with Julia Rose is well known, not as many people know that he also dated Sky Bri.

Jake and Rose dated for a long time, but their relationship was very on-and-off. After getting together at first, the two went their separate ways for a few months in February 2022. But Jake was pretty much ready to get his own way. So he contacted Sky Bri, who is a model on Instagram and OnlyFans. She talked about what really happened when Jake took her and Richelle Knupps to Puerto Rico on the “No Jumper” podcast.

She added,

With Jake, the first night I hung out with him he flew me to Puerto Rico. The very first night, the first conversation we had, ‘This is for clout.’ He was like, ‘At the end of this, I want you to post it’

He made it a point — he wanted it to be very mutually beneficial, like ‘You’re going to run with this, you can post about it, get the clout from it whatever, and I’m probably going to make Julia mad and get the revenge that I need,’

concluded Bri.

From what she said, it seems pretty clear that there was no romance between the two of them. Paul and Ski Bri seemed to have made a deal that helped them both, even though they had tattoos of each other. Sky Bri, who has more than 1.8 million Instagram followers, got even more attention, but Paul was able to reconnect with Julia. But Bri also said that she left out some details because she had signed an NDA.


Did Logan Paul have a problem with Jake dating Sky Bri?

Fans know that Jake Paul’s older brother is Logan Paul. Logan Paul became famous on YouTube, just like Jake did. He was one of the first boxers on YouTube. Jake and Logan Paul have had fights in the past, but they’ve been getting along great lately. Logan Paul is usually there when The Problem Child fights and Jake is a regular guest on Logan’s “Impaulsive” podcast.

Logan Paul Accused By Sky Bro for "Hitting" On Her Following Hooking Up With Jake Paul to Make Julia Rose "Jealous"

It looks like The Maverick knew about what Bri and Jake were up to. Sky Bri also said that Logan Paul hit on her when they met at a YouTube show. She said this on the “No Jumper” podcast.

When she talked about what happened, the 24-year-old model said,

I was nervous when Logan came up because I was like what the f**k is Logan gonna say and I think he said, ‘I’m pretty sure you f**ked my brother.’ Something like that… I don’t know what his deal is though, he is interesting to me.

Sky Bri was talking about a Sidemen speed dating episode. In one part of a video that was posted in July 2022, Logan talked to Sky face-to-face and said to her,

Hi Sky, I’m Logan, I’m 27, if I remember correctly, I think you hooked up with my brother.

To that, Sky replied,

I did, you’re the cuter one though.

It prompted Logan Paul to ask,

Did you wanna hook up with the other?

Bri replied,

Let’s do, yeah.

But based on what she said, it doesn’t sound like she and Logan did anything. Jake seems to be having a good time with his new girlfriend, but Logan is with Nina Agdal, who used to be with Leonardo DiCaprio. So it looks like the Paul brothers are finally done with the Sky Bri chapter.