2022 was a wild year for Zendaya and no, it was not because of her exploits at the Emmys or her ever-growing Hollywood career. June 2022 saw Zendaya addressing rumors that she was pregnant. Let’s take a look at these fake pregnancy rumors and see how the Spider-Man star addressed them.

A Tiktok video falsely claimed Zendaya is pregnant

In June 2022, a Tiktok video went viral falsely claiming the Euphoria star was pregnant with boyfriend Spider-Man actor Tom Holland’s baby. The prank had photoshopped a screenshot of a fake sonogram to look like it was posted on Zendaya’s Instagram account.

The Euphoria star has addressed fake pregnancy rumors

The caption read: “I love you. Halfway there,” with a love heart emoji and tagged her boyfriend Tom Holland.

The clip was shared by a TikTok fan, with the text “there’s no way” and the user looking shocked.
It then cuts to Kris Jenner laughing and dancing and the text, “You just got Krissed”.

Despite it being a hoax, Zendaya decided to react. She posted an Instagram story writing,

“See now, this is why I stay off Twitter… Just making stuff up for no reason… weekly.”

Zendaya and Tom Holland faced pregnancy rumors before

This isn’t the first time Zendaya and her boyfriend Tom Holland, faced pregnancy rumors. They’ve been targeted in the past as well.

In January 2022 a TikTok video went viral claiming that Zendaya was married to Tom Holland and was about to give birth. The video acted as a catalyst for the rumor and started a chain reaction across the internet.

Numerous videos surfaced on Tiktok showing morphed pictures of the Spider-Man actress with a protruding stomach. Upon close inspection, the pictures look photoshopped and clearly show they have been changed.

Lil Nas X reacted to the fake videos

One person who was seemingly annoyed with the prank pregnancy videos was Lil Nas X. The rapper made his frustration known and weighed in on his disdain for Twitter in a jokey tweet in which he wrote,

“I hate Twitter because I’m sitting here about to congratulate Zendaya via dm about a baby that doesn’t exist.”

Zendaya still loves her fans

Zendaya loves her fans

Even after Zendaya pregnancy rumors flourished on social media, the actress still loves the fans that respect her “boundaries.”. The Euphoria star talked to Vogue Italy in June 2022, about her relationship with her fans and growing up with them in the spotlight.

The Spider-Man actress explained her healthy relationship with her fans to the magazine saying,

“Many of them have grown with me and have watched me evolve in different parts of my life and career and with that, many of us being around the same age, have similar outlooks on life, similar thoughts or even just hopes and wishes for the future, whether it be for my career or the world.”

She then elaborated on how they respect her in every sense saying,

“They’re really understanding that I’m human, even the hardcore ones and they want me to be happy and I genuinely feel that from them. They’re really respectful of my boundaries and the things that I choose to keep a little bit more private and keep for myself.”

Zendaya also raved about how her fans could be very open regarding her new roles. She said,

“With Euphoria, I had so many people reach out and share their experiences of connecting with it, in the sense of loss or addiction or grief or mental illness and their struggles with that,”

She continues,

“People find their connection points to these characters that I feel incredibly lucky to embody and in that, they feel very connected to me and they’ve been able to heal and grow and learn and mend parts of their own past, and that to me is invaluable. That gives me purpose.”

Source: Vogue