Police On The Hunt For Thief That Stole $4,500 Sex Doll

Woah WTF! $4,500!!

Stealing is bad but why are you getting dolls that are priced this high!

According to LadBible: Anyone desperate enough to steal a sex doll must have some serious sexual frustration going on. So in a way, my thoughts go out to an Australia man, who recently made off with a $4,500 sex doll from an adult shop in Melbourne.

The thief was snapped on CCTV, smashing his way through a security barrier with a fire extinguisher and bolt cutters.

In the footage, a white Ford van is seen driving into the car park at the rear of the store, before the man, wearing a stocking on his head, jumps out and starts having a go at the gate.

He struggles to get through the barrier before heading back to his van, taking out a fire extinguisher and hurling it at the door.

The man then vanishes into the shop for a few seconds before re-emerging with his new partner, Dorothy, a 5’5″ life-size sex doll which retails at $4,500.

Whether the speediness of his entry into the building was because he was worried about getting caught, or just due to him being really horny, remains unclear. However, the theft occurred just after 6am on Sunday morning in the suburb of Moorabbin, south-east of Melbourne’s central business district.

Police have described the man as having a solid build and wearing a dark jumper with a red stripe, dark pants and dark shoes.

Source : Someecards