The Psychology Behind Why Men Want Women To Swallow

As if the act of shoving a penis in your mouth and sucking on it isn’t hard enough as it is, men want even more. Not all men are necessarily this needy, but those few hardly put a dent in the entire male population. When you’re going down on a guy, there’s one final act that pretty much all men are hoping for, and it’s a bit of a messy one. After they orgasm, they want you to swallow. They want you to ingest their creamy semen as if it wasn’t exactly hard to stomach in the first place. But why? Keep reading to learn about the science behind why men want women to swallow.
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Down. When a woman goes down on a guy, she’s pretty much got two options. She can spit or she can swallow. Neither option is particularly “classy,” but we do the best with what we have. The thing is, though, we all know that men would prefer it if you swallowed. That’s what gets them going. We accept this fact, but aren’t you interested in knowing why this is?

All of him. When you swallow a guy’s ejaculate, you really couldn’t be any more intimate — at least not from a guy’s perspective. He’s well aware that his semen definitely has a specific smell and taste and texture, and the fact that you’re not only willing to drink it, but eager to drink it, triggers a connection between the two of you that couldn’t have been triggered under any other circumstances.

Acceptance. When a woman takes a man’s semen into her mouth, he feels as though she’s accepting him on a subconscious level. She not only doesn’t mind that she’s swallowing it and tasting it, she’s acting as though she enjoys it, which makes him feel confident in his sexual abilities. These are cavemen responses, but they’re legitimate responses all the same.

Satisfaction. Ejaculating into someone’s mouth isn’t any different than ejaculating during penetration. There’s a sense of true satisfaction. All of the buildup gets a fulfilling payoff, and in this case especially, he gets a firsthand view of said payoff right before his very eyes. It makes the entire experience feel incredibly fluid and complete.

Intimacy. It all comes down to intimacy when a woman swallows a guy’s semen. She’s elevating the sexual experience. Even when she’s only doing it to make him happy, she’s showing that she wants to expand this sexual encounter. She’s making it matter. Of course, men naturally respond to that positively, so the idea of her taking a part of him into her can be be an incredibly intimate experience.

A sense of pride. When a man ejaculates, he’s pretty much at his happiest. So when there’s someone else involved with him in the process, he tends to feel proud of what he’s “accomplished.” To have someone he’s being passionate with swallow his semen — essentially taking part in this moment that he’s always been rather fond of — can drive through him a sense of genuine pride and confidence.

A woman’s perspective. “Any time I’ve ever gone down on a guy, I’ve swallowed. I honestly just feel bad if I don’t. It’s not that I’m worried about him being mad at me if I don’t (because I would not let that slide), I just feel like he’d be disappointed, and I don’t see the point in ending something like that on a down note. May as well go all the way if you’re going to do it anyway.” —Lindsay R. from Colorado

Anti-swallowing. Now, as nice as it might be for men to experience a sexual experience where the woman is totally down for swallowing, this obviously isn’t always going to be the case. In some situations, she might sweet — and in other cases, she might not even allow his semen to get even remotely close to her mouth, let alone her lips. Or any other part of her body.

Defeat. Now, if a woman doesn’t want to swallow, that’s her choice, and men ought to respect that. However, that’s not to say that he won’t (or can’t, for that matter) feel disappointed. In his eyes, there’s been a significant build up to this moment of release, and while it’ll still feel good no matter where he ejaculates, the high of being swallowed will be noticeably missed.

The messiness of spitting. While you might think that spitting is the better alternative, think again. First of all, you still have semen in your mouth, and worst of all, you’re letting it linger on your tastebuds for an even longer amount of time. Instead of having him either shoot it straight into the back of your throat or instead of simply chugging it down without thinking, you’re left with the haunting aftertaste whether you like it or not.

Cleaning up. Swallowing is also just a much cleaner alternative to spitting. You don’t have to worry about where you’re going to spit and you don’t have to worry about leaving the room to dispose of the evidence. Swallowing is a one and done deal, and it saves you a hell of a lot of stress.

The mess. “Ejaculate is definitely the grossest part about having sex, but I’m not completely against swallowing it in some cases. Sometimes I do it because I’m just being lazy. I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t want to have to get up or find tissues or something. And even when I do spit into a wad of tissues or something, it leaks and gets everywhere and it’s just really gross. So if you’re not swallowing because you’re just absolutely against it, you’re just making life harder on yourself.” —Kim D. from Florida

Love. “Honestly, I swallow because it’s convenient. And it’s not even something I really even think about anymore. He’s my husband, I love him. This is something I know he wants and knows he likes, so I don’t see why I can’t just stomach it for a second. It doesn’t always taste great, but I’ll live. I love him, so I don’t see the big deal, to be perfectly honest. I’ve ingested worse things.” —Kayla N. from Massachusetts

Gay men. Now, it’s time to clear something up, just in case you weren’t sure. When it comes to swallowing, gay men and straight women aren’t really any different. There is a presumption that gay men want ejaculate, love ejaculate, and will put it anywhere their partner tells them to. But this isn’t true. Just like women, gay men can be just as grossed out by semen. It’s just a human reaction.

Conditioning. In a strange way, there’s also been a sort of cultural conditioning for men when it comes to wanting their ejaculate to be swallowed. They’ve been watching adult films for years, and more often than not in pretty much every video they’ve watched, the guy is coming into a woman’s mouth. So, in a way, the idea of being as masculine as the guys they’ve been watching online is sort of a sexual aspiration when they’re in the sack.

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