Sisters mistake cashier for ‘Moana’ character and his response is the sweetest.

Children are no less susceptible to becoming star struck than the rest of us. While adults tend to appreciate a smaller pool of celebrities, children have whole worlds of animated characters to watch out for in the real world. One adorable example of this excitement took place at a Costco in Hawaii where two girls thought the cashier was Maui from Moana.

Rella Rivera told People that her daughters five-year-old Rylyn and eight-year-old Ryley couldn’t contain their excitement when they spotted the cashier who resembled Maui.

“That’s Maui,” they screamed while jumping up and down.

Being a kind soul who can appreciate a solid Disney movie, the cashier (who is named Will) invited the sisters behind the counter where he belted Maui’s signature catchphrase “Chee-hooo!”

Rella told People the two girls seek out Will whenever they go shopping.

She even uploaded a video of the adorable exchange to Youtube.

When he’s not making kid’s day at Costco, Will also appears as Maui at birthday parties and has previously been featured at Aulani Disney resort.

Source : Someecards