Six women accidentally wear the same dress to a wedding. They weren’t bridesmaids.

A bride’s nightmare is that a guest will show up to her wedding wearing white. A wedding guest’s nightmare, as we learned today courtesy of a wedding in Sydney, is that five other people will show up in her dress.According to The Telegraph, the Stylish Six, as we’ll call them, all wore the same $160 dress by a brand called Forever New. Three were from the bride’s side, and three from the groom’s.”My cousin and I walked into the reception and saw each other [in the same dress] and started laughing, but then another walked in … then another one … and another one. There was about 200 people,” said Debbie Speranza. Speranza shared the news and a hilarious photo on the brand’s Facebook page.

“You really should start a bridal registry so that your customers can enquire whether anyone else has purchased one of your dresses for the same event… no we are NOT the bridesmaids just the guests ​​​​​… think I deserve a gift voucher for all this advertisement,” she wrote on Facebook.At first, she explains the women were annoyed to have their style game thrown (and thrown, and thrown, and thrown.) But eventually “we all say the fun in it,”she says. “We were like accidental sisters.” As for the bride, Julia Mammone, she thankfully was “not at all” mad about the fashion mishap. But for her baby shower, we suggest she asks guests “chicken, fish, and what are you wearing?”.

Source : someecards