Rare Photos from Marilyn Monroe's Turbulent Marriages

1942: Marilyn's First Marriage

Marilyn Monroe wed her high school sweetheart, James Dougherty, in 1942. Monroe, then known as Norma Jean Baker, met Dougherty while living with a family friend in Los Angeles, California.

1943: Newlywed Bliss

Dougherty, who was 20 years old at the time, initially married Monroe to prevent her from going back into the foster care system as her mother, Gladys, was in and out of psychiatric facilities.

1944: Moving to Catalina

In 1944 Dougherty, who had joined the Merchant Marines, was assigned to the base on Catalina Island.

1954: Marilyn Marries Again

In 1954 Monroe, now a highly paid actress and certified sex symbol, said 'I do’ once again—this time at San Francisco's City Hall to professional baseball player, Joe DiMaggio.

1954: Sealed With a Kiss

Monroe and DiMaggio share a kiss in the judge's chambers on their wedding day, January 14, 1954.

1954: Newlywed Bliss

According to History, the couple had originally wanted to keep the nuptials low-key.

1954: The Second Time Around

After first meeting on a double date, Monroe and DiMaggio dated for two years before tying the knot.

1954: Honeymooning in Japan

Monroe and DiMaggio at the airport on their honeymoon. The couple traveled to Japan, which they coordinated with a prearranged work trip for DiMaggio.