The 'The Voice' Contestants Must Adhere to Rules You Didn't Know

virtual audition

They must first record a clip of themselves singing, which they must then submit for the casting committee to assess.

Hopefuls have just a minute and a half to wow the casting team.

Getting recruited

Producers also reach out to local musicians across the country and ask them to audition, according to season 1 contestant Vicci Martinez.

Although this regulation has in the past drawn criticism from viewers, duos and trios are still allowed to register and compete.

A round of callbacks comes next.

After passing the virtual casting call, it's not time to sing in front of the A-list gang just yet.

Applicants are free to try and try again

Some singers who don't advance to the blind auditions come back in subsequent seasons for another shot.

Those selected go through intense training before the blind auditions.

They get to rehearse their audition songs beforehand.