Woman Who Won Best Bum Competition Admits It’s Better Than Getting into Ivy League

Each year, Cambridge University hosts a “Best Bum” competition where students are welcome to submit photos of themselves in the nude—showing off their bottoms. While the competition is quite unconventional for an Ivy League school, it seems to bring the student body (no pun intended) together. This year, a student only going by the name “Vita” has been announced as the winner, and she admits the title is even better than acceptance into Cambridge.

Competition. Despite being well-known for their status as an Ivy League, Cambridge University has proven that it’s not all textbooks and exams when it comes to student life. Each year, they host a Best Bum competition, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Best butt. Every student is invited to submit photos of their bare behinds to prove that they have the best butt on campus. After the photos are submitted, the public can vote online for their favorite butts.

Winner. This year, the winner of the competition is an undergraduate going only by the name “Vita,” who admits she was extremely shocked when she found out she won. According to the Sun UK, Vita was so excited about winning that she said it made her feel better than when she was accepted to the university.

Body positive. “I don’t have the most athletic figure and I have quite a considerable arse and thighs. It says a lot about how far the world has come in body acceptance,” says Vita, as reported by the Sun UK.

Accepting. Vita says it’s taken her a long time to accept her body for the way that it is, and her way of finally coming to terms with it was by submitting to the competition. However, she wasn’t expecting to win, so was incredibly shocked when she heard the news.

Proud. “I didn’t even expect the photo would be in the top 10 – let alone be the winner. I’ve never been so proud of something like that. I’m probably more proud of that than getting into Cambridge,” Vita told the Mirror UK.

Contest. Vita is studying law at the university and says it was her friend who convinced her to enter the contest. They decided to hold the photoshoot in the middle of the woods near a football field, where Vita says she was afraid of being seen.

Photo shoot. “During the shoot, it was so cold and my feet were wet. You can’t notice in the photo but the photos were taken near a football pitch during a football match. I don’t think they saw us – we would have noticed if they had noticed us,” continued Vita.

Winning shot. Vita and her photographer were also shooting right near some train tracks, so each time she heard the train coming she made sure to cover up. Eventually, they were able to get the winning shot, which features Vita standing in the nude leaning on a tree.

Runner-up. Vita beat her runner-up, another woman named Virginia whose photo was said to be very similar to Vita’s. Regardless, at the end of the day the public decided Vita should take the title of winner.

Comments. “Everyone who has seen my photos has been so positive. I have seen comments online saying that I’m fat but I’m going to ignore the trolls,” said Vita, as reported by the Mirror UK.

Proud. Vita says she’s proud of herself— and her body and has chosen to turn the other cheek (pun intended) to anyone saying anything negative about her. Shockingly, Vita also says her mother has been very supportive of her daughter’s win despite being extremely conservative.

Support. “When I told my mum, I was really worried because she’s quite conservative but she thought it was hilarious! She even showed the photo to my old teachers and they thought it was hilarious too,” said Vita, as reported by the Mirror UK.

Inclusive. The university says the competition is a way to be inclusive and appreciate all butts, no matter what shape, size, or color they are. “All bums are beautiful and we at The Tab want to celebrate that,” said student newspaper, the Tab.

You. What do you think of this competition? Would you ever participate in one? Be sure to let us know what you think!

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